York-Seneca Articulation


Program Description

An articulation agreement is now in effect between our Department of Chemistry and the School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry at Seneca, specifically in the Chemical Technology (CHT) and Chemical Laboratory Technology - Pharmaceutical (CLP) Diploma Programs.

It allows for York Chemistry graduates who are intending to follow a career in industry (rather than proceeding towards post-graduates studies) to enter one of the above Seneca programs with advanced standing credits for York courses. York graduates should be able to complete the requirements for a Seneca diploma in a minimum of 3 Seneca semesters.

Career Opportunities

A York degree combined with a Seneca diploma will greatly enhance employment opportunities in chemical industry, since this will combine the solid background in chemical principles obtained at York with an equally solid background in analytical instrumentation and applied chemistry provided by Seneca. Of particular note is that Seneca College possesses an excellent array of up-to-date instruments and provides a thorough grounding in the use of “work horse” instruments such as HPLC, LCMS, GCMS, etc.

Admission Requirements

Seneca College has agreed to set aside 5 places for York Chemistry graduates in their very desirable programs. In particular, 3 places are reserved in CLP, which is over-subscribed due to high demand in the pharmaceutical industry. Because openings for university graduates are normally subject to a first-come-first-served policy, York Chemistry students in their final year of study should contact Seneca College prior to graduation in order to qualify for the 5 reserved places. The person to contact is Tara Marcellino, Student Advisor, at (416) 491-5050, extension 3769.

According to the existing Articulation Agreement, graduates from the Three-Year Chemistry Programme, who have been admitted to Seneca College, may be eligible for the following Seneca semestral courses, subject to meeting grades requirements:

CHM 173
MTH 173
ICA 001
CHM 273
MTH 273
PHY 273
CHO 333
Introduction to Computers and Applications
Organic Chemistry
CIT 333
CMI 333
TAC 333
CHO 433
CPG 433
ECI 533
CHP 633
Inorganic Chemistry Theory
Chemical Instrumentation
Techniques in Analytical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Computer Programming
Electronics for Chemical Instrumentation
Physical Chemistry General Education

The exact advanced standing package will of necessity be determined by what courses the York graduate has taken. Thus, advanced standing in CMI 333 presupposes that SC/CHEM 3080 4.0 has been passed with suitable grades. Further information should be obtained by consulting the Student Advisor.

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