Writing Centre

Bethune College's Writing Centre offers workshops, individualized instruction and a Technical Writing Course available for degree credit.

Writing Instructors & Workshops

The Bethune Writing Centre offers instruction in academic writing to students affiliated with Norman Bethune College. If you are enrolled in a Bethune course, in Science & Engineering, in Environmental Studies, or in the Science Technology Culture and Society Programme (STCS) you may request an appointment with a Bethune writing instructor.

Bethune Writing Centre instructors are faculty members who specialize in rhetoric and composition. They have interdisciplinary backgrounds in science, environmental studies, media, literature, social science, planning, case writing, and government.

Typical assignments include lab reports, short essays, research papers, Honours Theses, Plans of Study, technical reports, and feasibility reports.

Writing instructors work on actual assignments, to help you:

  • Identify audience and purpose
  • Understand the assignment
  • Discover and organize ideas
  • Present evidence in your discipline
  • Document sources in your discipline
  • Revise

You may see a writing instructor at any stage of your writing process - from writer's block to final revisions. Be sure to bring your notes and a copy of the assignment with you to your meeting. Writing instructors do not proofread or correct grammar, but they will show you patterns of error for your attention.

Group instruction (2-4 students) is recommended, and available during regular appointment times. We encourage you to set up a writing group: students with writing partners are known to achieve better results in academic writing. For more than 4 students, please ask your course instructor to request a workshop.

To book an appointment, please speak to:

Academic Secretary, 205 Bethune College, 736-2100 ext. 22035
Web address: www.yorku.ca/bethune

Writing Course


This writing-intensive course is for upper-year Science students and others in related fields. Students develop confidence and competence in professional and technical writing. Focus is on communication of complex information in a clear, sensible style.

Three hours per week. One term. Three credits.
Prerequisite: At least 6 non-science General Education credits.
Corequisite: Concurrent enrolment in at least one 3000- or 4000-level Science course (or course which is cross-listed with a Science course), or permission of the instructor.
Degree credit exclusions: SC/BC 3050 3.0, AS/SC/COSC 3530 3.0.

This course may be taken using the Pass/Fail grading option. Science students who wish to take it on a Pass/Fail basis must have completed at least 24 credits and have taken no more than 9 previous Pass/Fail credits for an Honours Degree, or no more than 3 previous Pass/Fail credits for a Bachelor of Science Degree.