Summer Courses

Summer courses are convenient for all kinds of students

  • students home for the summer
  • visa students
  • students with no room in their Fall-Winter schedules
  • students who want a lighter Fall-Winter load

Our summer courses in General and Organic Chemistry are useful for students preparing to enter a medical, dental or other professional program.

Our summer courses are recognized by other universities and can be taken for credit elsewhere. Usually, the home university requires a Letter of Permission (or similar document) in order to credit an on-going degree program with a course taken outside the home university. The home university may require successful completion with a minimum grade for the course to be credited. If you are interested in taking a York course for credit at your home university, please enquire from your home department as to the procedure to follow to ensure that the course is credited to your degree.

Summer Enrollment Guide (& Term Dates)

Click on the following course numbers to view course details. Please note: the course syllabi below are for the fall & winter terms, and summer syllabi are not generally available. Since the details may vary year-to-year, students are encouraged to use the syllabi as an overview of what to expect.

In addition, York Chemistry majors can elect to carry out their Research Projects in Summer terms.

In addition, the following are often available in the summer:

  • SC/PHYS 1010/1410/1420 6.0
  • LE/EECS (formerly SC/CSE) 1020/1520/1530/1540 3.0
  • SC/MATH 1013/1014 3.0
  • and numerous General Education courses

Of interest to students in the Biochemistry and the Pharmaceutical & Biological programs, the Department of Biology often offers the following courses in the summer:

  • SC/BIOL 1000 3.0
  • SC/BIOL 1001 3.0
  • SC/BCHM/BIOL 2020 3.0
  • SC/BCHM/BIOL 2021 3.0
  • SC/BIOL 2040 3.0
  • SC/BIOL 2070 3.0
  • SC/BIOL 3110 3.0
  • SC/BIOL 3130 3.0
  • SC/BCHM/BIOL 3140 4.0
  • SC/BCHM/BIOL 4290 4.0

Check the Summer Calendar for availability.