Specialized Honours in Chemistry – Pharmaceutical & Biological Stream

Minimum GPA required: 5.5 Courses Required Suggested Study Plans

Descriptive Brochure

This is a program of study designed for students interested in biologically related chemistry but who don't want to major in biochemistry; it is for students interested in pharmaceutical development, or in the unique chemistry in Nature (bio-organic and/or bio-inorganic chemistry, enzyme mechanisms, biomimetics, bioanalytical chemistry or other aspects of biologically related chemistry). The program provides a solid grounding in Chemistry plus a specialized exploration of the chemistry of biologically and pharmaceutically relevant substances and processes. Thus, it provides a broader, more chemical focus than is available in other degree programs dealing with these subjects (Spec. Hon. BSc in Biochemistry, Hon. CHEM/BIOL Double Major degree, or Hon. CHEM Major/BIOL Minor degree).

For easy transferability between programs, the first two years of this degree stream are very similar to those of the Specialized Honours BSc in Biochemistry degree.

This program leads to a fully accredited Specialized Honours BSc degree in Chemistry suitable for pursuits at the graduate level [ more on this] as well as for employment in the pharmaceutical industry, government or research & development laboratories in areas of Medicinal or Biological Chemistry.

The program leads to a Specialized Honours BSc degree in Chemistry. Specific mention of the Pharmaceutical & Biological Chemistry stream appears on the transcript.