SC/CHEM 3080 4.00 Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis

The theory and application of a variety of modern instrumental methods. Topics include basic electronics, signal processing, electroanalytical methods, optical spectroscopy, atomic absorption and emission spectroscopy, chromatography and mass spectrometry. This course covers applications relevant to modern chemical analysis.

Offered every year. This year in Winter term.

Three lecture hours, three laboratory hours per week. One Term. Four credits.

Prerequisites SC/CHEM 2080 4.0; SC/PHYS 1010 6.00 or SC/PHYS 1410 6.00 or SC/PHYS 1420 6.00

Course Credit Exclusion(s) SC/CHEM 3110 4.0

Text(s) & Other Materials "Principles of Instrumental Analysis", Skoog, Holler and Crouch (Thomson Brooks/Cole, 6th edition, 2007).

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Course Content 1. Aims of course - generalized instrument - statistics review.

2. Basic Electronics.

3. Semiconductor Electronics.

4. Computers and interfaces.

5. Noise - Averaging etc.

6. Chromatography.

7. Basic absorption: spectrometer, components, monochromators.

8. Atomic absorption and atomic emission.

9. Infrared Spectroscopy and Fourier Transform spectrometers.

10. Electrochemistry - Advanced applications.

11. Mass spectroscopy.