Reserved Seats? What do I do now?

CHEM 2020 and 2021

Enrollment for 2020-2021
Please note that the wait lists for CHEM 2020 and 2021 for Winter 2021 will re-open in December. Most enrollment restrictions for CHEM 2020M (W 2021) will be lifted in December (no precise date has been chosen yet) and the remaining reserved spots will be released at the start of term. New spaces will also be added as demand warrants.

If your attempt to enroll in a particular lab section shows that seats are reserved, this is why:

  • You attempted to enroll yourself into lab 99 without having been issued permission. Lab 99 is for those who earn a lab exemption, having completed the labs satisfactorily in an earlier attempt at the course. You cannot enroll yourself into lab 99 without permission being issued. If you believe that you qualify, ask for a lab exemption.
  • The seat allocation for your degree type in that particular lab section is full. You are free to try other lab sections. Seat allocations are made as follows for each degree type:
    • The majority of seats in any given time period is allocated to those continuing students requiring the course for their BSc degree.
    • A minority of seats in any given time period is allocated to those other continuing BSc students who do not require the course for their degree.
    • A small number of seats in any given time period are initially held in reserve, for instance for those new (transferring) students who may or may not require the course for their degree but who, because they are new transfers, only get to enroll late.
    • None of the seats in any given time period are initially available for non-BSc degree students. That does not mean that none of these get in. They do, but they need to wait until the higher-priority students have had a chance to enroll. No one has been denied enrollment entirely, so far.
    • No seats are ever set aside for those whose applications to post-graduate programs require these courses, nor does aspiring to such programs curry favourable enrollments.

    The numbers for each priority type fluctuate year to year and the allocations this year are based on prior year needs. We adjust the seat allocations on-goingly.

So what can you do in the meantime?

  • Keep trying to enroll yourself in your favourite lab section. Try other, less favourite sections. Try other lecture sections.
  • New spots will come up between now and the start of term.
    • Students will transfer to other lab sections as they refine their schedules.
    • Students eligible for lab 99 will be transferred out on-goingly.
    • Students ineligible to take the course will be de-enrolled on-goingly.
    • We are holding some lab sections in reserve, to be opened according to demand.
    • Students will drop the course early to recover tuition and make seats available.
    • Unclaimed reserved seats will be released early into term.
    • If you enroll yourself into a less-than-desirable lab section that creates a conflict or doesn't suit your preferences, keep in mind that:
      • Five labs are held every two weeks. You can schedule another lab in the intervening weeks.
      • There will be an opportunity to trade lab sections with other students, once the course starts.

    Keep in mind that we cannot create a spot for you without kicking someone else out, so please don't ask for special consideration.

    Other courses

    • CHEM 1500 is generously open to many types of students and seat allocations are adjusted according to demand on-goingly.
    • CHEM 1100 is strictly reserved for BEng students. Enrollment is controlled by the Lassonde School of Engineering.
    • CHEM 2050 is intended for Chemistry majors. Enrollments by others will occur later in the enrollment cycle.
    • CHEM 2080 reserves spots for Biotechnology students and their seat allocation is adjusted on-goingly to meet demand.
    • CHEM 3000 and 3001 are strictly reserved for Chemistry majors.