Recent Changes to Courses

Hover your mouse over the course numbers to see the full course names. Links for courses are to the most recent course outlines.

  • Apart from minor updates to course descriptions, the prerequisites for the following have changed significantly:
    • In order to ensure a better preparation for CHEM 3000 and CHEM 3001, CHEM 3000 now pre-requires CHEM 2021, 2030 and 2080 and additionally pre-requires or co-requires CHEM 2011. These new prerequisites should be taken into account when planning progress through the degree. The new Study Plans incorporate the desired timing.
    • CHEM 4092 no longer pre-requires CHEM 3030.
  • Starting in W16, CHEM 3071 will have a new emphasis away from the industrial development of new pharmaceuticals and towards pharmacology. Details will be made available at the first class.
  • As of F16, The tutorials for CHEM 1500 have been re-organized and the previously co-required CHEM 1509 0.0 has been deleted.
  • As of W15, a new course, CHEM 1100, has become available for Lassonde students. It is not normally available for Science students but has been assigned a course credit exclusion with CHEM 1000, primarily for transferring students.
  • As of W15, CHEM 2020 is available in Winter term and is thus available three times a year.