New Protocol for Advising Appointments

Easier, Faster, More Responsive

Advising appointments for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors at any level. All appointments are with the Undergraduate Program Director (UPD), unless delegated.

  • Using the new Appointments+ plug-in, you can reserve an appointment time on the spot from anywhere and at any time.
  • Most appointments last between 15 and 30 minutes, to get answers, to review and assess your academic progress and get advice. If additional time is available, this can carry on beyond the 30 minutes or a second visit can be scheduled on the spot.
  • Using the Google Calendar button provided, your personal Google Calendar can be updated with the appointment time and duration.
  • You get an email confirming your appointment time. A few hours beforehand, you also get a reminder email.
  • You can instantly cancel your appointment using the link given in the emails.
  • If, for unavoidable circumstances, the UPD needs to cancel the appointment, you are instantly notified by email and you can book a new time convenient to you.
  • It may be easier to use the new Personal Advisor facility before booking an appointment. It may also be that some issues can be dealt with by email. This is because relatively straightforward or routine matters can often be quickly addressed in these ways without an appointment, and you can access these facilities whenever and from wherever you want. The Personal Advisor tool is the safest starting point because it is programmed to direct you for additional or personalized help by email or with an in-person appointment if the issue requires it.
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