Missed Final Exams

The process is summarized in this document.

In general, we follow the deferred standing procedure outlined at this website.
As such, we may entertain Deferred Standing Agreement (DSA) requests for a prompt deferred exam. All students missing a final exam are expected to place a DSA request. The form is available at this website.

The only acceptable reasons for missing a final exam are serious illness/incapacitation, or unanticipated non-medical situations. DSA requests for medical absences based on asymptomatic conditions without a supporting history may be denied. If your request is to be based on your medical history, then only the physician following you and who knows your history should be consulted.

If you suddenly become seriously ill during the final exam, speak to one of the course directors before you leave so that your situation is known to us, then head to a doctor as soon as possible while you are still symptomatic and contact us again on how to proceed. Otherwise, we will consider that you simply abandoned the exam.

For a DSA request based on a medical issue, only an Attending Physician's Statement (dated by the physician to within two days on or after December 10, 2017) which fully accounts for the medical absence at the exam will be considered, and it must be obtained within 2 days of the missed exam. The Attending Physician’s Statement form can be downloaded at this website. Older versions of the APS form (available on other York websites) may be denied. Otherwise, complete documentation of non-medical absences is required (death notices, court orders, accident reports, deportation orders, etc.) Travel plans are never accepted unless for cases of bereavement of immediate relatives, for which travel documents and death notices must be provided.

For a CHEM course, complete your section of the DSA form and submit it along with your supporting documentation to 124 CB (Chemistry Undergraduate office), where it will be time-stamped and placed in the instructor's mailbox.

Instructors are under no obligation to accept a DSA request.

The Senate's deadline for submitting a DSA request is one week after the missed exam. Extensions are given for extenuating circumstances.

You will promptly be notified of the result by e-mail once the deadline has passed, so make sure you check your email inbox regularly. Forgetting to check your e-mail is not a valid excuse for missing a deferred exam.

  • If your DSA is accepted:
      You will be given a date, time and location to write the final exam. This information will not be supplied prior to the acceptance of your DSA. Do not expect too much advance notice, as you will be expected to have prepared for exam that you missed. Ideally, the deferred exam will take place late in the final exam period, but that is often not practical. Attempts to negotiate a deferred exam date may not be welcome. Keep in mind that Senate expects you to make a deferral a priority ahead of any other.

      Note that providing false documentation (forged APS forms, making false statements, etc.) is an academic honesty offense and will be prosecuted. If you are contemplating missing the final exam for strategic reasons, you should be aware that, on average, students do very poorly on deferred exams.

      If you are registered with CDS and normally write tests and exams through Alternate Exams, then make sure to check the box at the very top of the form. Then, you will need to contact Alternate Exams immediately to arrange to use their facility as soon as is practicable, as you would be expected to write within 24 days (barring statutory holidays). The Alternate Exam centre will contact your instructor with those details when you make that arrangement.

      If the time/date of the deferred exam conflicts with another final exam, contact your instructor immediately with proof of the conflict.

      If you do not show up for the deferred exam for any reason other than a conflict, you may be required to petition your home Faculty for an extension to your deferred standing (or follow the procedure that your Faculty prescribes for such extensions). Faculty of Science students would visit Science Academic Services in 352 Lumbers. If your petition for a deferred standing extension is granted, then you will be issued a new deadline to write and be told to contact your instructor.

  • If your DSA is denied:
      You have the right to submit a Petition for Deferred Standing to your home Faculty. You will then need to append the denied DSA form to your petition, which will be available for pickup at 124 CB 124 during normal business hours. If you are in the Faculty of Science, then you are expected to file such a petition for Deferred Standing within two weeks, but you will not need a Course Performance Summary (CPS). If you have a different Home Faculty, then you should consult their website or offices for their deadlines and procedures. The petition documents may be accepted at the Faculty’s Academic Services desk to expedite matters but will always be accepted at the Bennett Centre, which will record the receipt and transmit the petition to your Home Faculty. If your petition is granted, you will write a deferred final exam at a future date to be determined. If no DSA form accompanies the petition, the petition will need to account for not placing a DSA request in the first place or will be delayed until you provide a denied DSA form.
  • Can you petition for a late withdrawal?
      In theory yes, but such petition requests may be difficult to get accepted. The petitions committee will need to know why you chose to not withdraw from the course before the last day of class, and then proceeded to write the final exam.

      Nonetheless, you can still petition to your home Faculty and the outcome could be a complete removal from your transcript or a "W" annotation.

      The deadline for filing such a petition is one month after the end of the course and will require a course performance summary filled out by your session instructor. Please leave your CPS form for CHEM courses with the undergraduate office (124 CB) during business hours. You will be notified when it is ready to pick up.

  • Need advice on a particular situation?
      Consult the Undergraduate Program Director or designated Advisor of your Home department, failing which consult the Chair of your department, failing which consult the Associate Dean of your Home Faculty who is responsible for students. Please respect and use that chain of command. If you do not, you will be sent back down the chain. Email may work, but in-person visits are faster and more effective, yet harder to arrange as you go up the chain. If you need to know whom to consult in what order, visit the main office of your department or your Faculty's Academic Services office.