Materials Chemistry Option

Descriptive Brochure

This is a study plan designed for students interested in polymers, electronic materials, optical materials, magnetic materials, surface chemistry, biosensors and/or biomaterials, crystallography and other aspects of chemistry related to the preparation, characterization and use of specialized solid-state materials. It provides a solid grounding in Chemistry plus a specialized exploration of the chemistry of solid-state substances, their preparations and properties.

This study plan is not yet a special degree stream. It leads to a fully accredited Specialized Honours BSc degree in Chemistry suitable for pursuits at the graduate level in all areas of Chemistry, including Material Sciences.
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Students having completed 2 or 3 full years of study with a minimum B average will be offered summer placements in University and industrial laboratories. Beyond providing training in Materials Chemistry, these placements are opportunities to carry out original research and to gain experimental skills of value in the job market.

The degree and students' transcripts will not specifically mention the Materials Chemistry focus, but students having completed the study plan can obtain a statement from the department Chair attesting to that fact.

Minimum GPA required: 5.5

Courses Required