Honours Double Major Degrees

Minimum GPA required: highest of minima required by each major (at least 5.0) CHEM Courses required Suggested Study Plans

The Department of Chemistry offers several Double Major Degrees combining Chemistry and a second science (see choices below). These are integrated programs giving you an advanced education in two fields of science. They can be demanding programs, and they are only recommended for very good students who can handle the challenge and the workload.

These degree programs are suitable for graduate studies in either Major area or in an interdisciplinary area overlapping the two Major subject areas.
[ More on suitability for graduate school]

Possible combinations: Major CHEM with second Major in

Applied Mathematics (APMA), Biology (BIOL), Computer Science (EECS), Earth and Atmospheric Science (Earth Science Stream) (EATS), Kinesiology and Health Science (KINE), Mathematics (MATH), Psychology (PSYC), Physics (Physics Stream) (PHYS), Statistics (STAT)

The requirements for the second Major can be obtained from the Department offering the second Major, from the University Calendar or from the Faculty of Science Office of Academic Services (355 Lumbers).