Chemistry follows the Faculty of Science approved correlation of percentage grades to letter grades, as follows:

Letter Grade Grade-Point Value Grade-Point Range Percentage Range
A+ 9 8.5+ 90-100
A 8 7.5-8.4 80-89
B+ 7 6.5-7.4 75-79
B 6 5.5-6.4 70-74
C+ 5 4.5-5.4 65-69
C 4 3.5-4.4 60-64
D+ 3 2.5-3.4 55-59
D 2 1.5-2.4 50-54
E 1 0.1-1.4 40-49
F 0 0 0-39

 How this Table is used:

  • For the purposes of assigning letter grades in a course, the letter in the 1st column corresponding to the % range in the 4th column is used. Thus, a grade of 76% is a B+.
  • For the purposes of calculating a grade-point average (GPA) over many courses, the value in the 2nd column corresponding to the letter in the 1st column is multiplied by the number of credits. Thus, a B+ in a 6-credit course contributes 42 points. This product is summed for all courses and the sum is divided by the total number of credits.
  • For the purposes of evaluating an average letter grade, the letter from the 1st column corresponding to the range in the 3rd column in which the GPA lies is used. Thus, a B average means a GPA between 5.50 and 6.49.