Form C instructions

Please read carefully.

The instructions for this process are as follows:

The details of the case are outlined in Section 1. After reviewing this section, you are then asked to make an acknowledgment in Section 2. There, you have two options:

  1. You agree with the facts as presented, acknowledge and take responsibility for the alleged breach of the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty by signing your name in Section 2 and dating your signature.
    If this is not your first offence, you do not continue and submit the form as is.
    If this is your first offence, you then complete Section 3 and submit it by the deadline given below.

    Section 3 offers you two choices by checking the corresponding box, signing and dating where indicated:

    • a. to accept the proposed penalty; or
    • b. to not accept the proposed penalty and opt for a penalty hearing, where you will have an opportunity to speak to the CEAS, who will hear both proposed penalties and decide as to penalty.
  2. You disagree with the charge and would like to request an Exploratory Meeting to be scheduled with the instructor from the course and the undergraduate program director, where you will have an opportunity to share any facts or evidence that you have to support your version of the incident. If that is your choice, you should not complete Section 3.

    The requested Exploratory Meeting could result in:

    • a. an agreement that no breach of academic honesty occurred;
    • b. an agreement that a breach occurred and an agreement upon penalty;
    • c. an agreement that a breach occurred and a disagreement upon penalty, resulting in a penalty hearing;
    • d. a disagreement that a breach occurred, resulting in a full hearing.

This form must be submitted before the deadline date specified on the form and in the email referring you to the form. Once we receive the completed form, we will either proceed with a final grade in the course or schedule follow-up as applicable. If we do not receive the form by this date, the matter will then proceed through the normal process as outlined in the Senate Policy. Please note that this may prolong the process and that Section 3.4.3 of the Policy remains in effect until the matter is resolved.