Degree Programs

Choosing a Program

What program should you follow? What courses should you choose?

There are a number of choices for students, so it is important to make a good choice with your future in mind. To learn about the various programs, here are some resources:

  • Credit Requirements by Type chart that lists the different amounts of Chemistry and other subjects required by each degree program,
  • brief descriptions of each of the programs are under the Degree Programs heading on your left,

When deciding on a program, the following should be kept in mind:

  • Different academic standards are required for continuation in Honours and non-Honours degree programs. [Details]
  • Some programs are recommended for those who may wish to proceed to a post-graduate degree in chemistry. [Details]

As detailed on our Help & Advice pages, there is an on-line tool available to help you track your progress, and one-on-one advice on program and course selections is always available. We also offer links to career advice. The Help & Advice pages also answer numerous common questions about policies and procedures. They also point you to resources to help you become a more effective student, to deal with personal issues or to deal with coursework, and provide advice on your options.

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