Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Editor-in-Chief: Prof, A B P Lever


The journal offers rapid publication of review articles on topics of current interest and importance in coordination chemistry. The term `coordination chemistry' is interpreted broadly, and includes aspects of organometallic, theoretical and bioinorganic chemistry. In general the reviews survey developments in a particular area during the last few years, or discuss the results obtained with a particular technique. Special issues are published from time to time on topics of current interest and importance. These special issues may also focus on contributions from a specific country or area of the world, or contain the proceedings of invited lectures to major international conferences. Full book length articles also appear occasionally. The journal also incorporates special volumes containing annual reviews of main group chemistry, on transition metal group chemistry, and on organometallic chemistry. Good reviews are essential educational tools for those working in inorganic chemistry. Coordination Chemistry Reviews will continue to act as a focal point for informative critical surveys of inorganic and physical inorganic chemistry.

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