Analytical Chemistry Option – 3 year

Descriptive Brochure

Analytical Chemistry is a cornerstone of our Science. Students trained in the fundamentals of chemical analysis and separation, and in modern instrumentation, are highly desirable candidates for positions in Industry and government agencies. As well, the field evolves through research and students can pursue graduate studies in this area.
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Although there is no special stream available yet in Analytical Chemistry, interested students can choose to follow a three-year or a four-year program which adds extra courses to existing degrees.

In three years, candidates can earn a Bachelor of Science degree and gain a solid grounding in chemistry, with an emphasis on Analytical Chemistry.

The degree and students' transcripts will not specifically mention the Analytical Chemistry focus, but students having completed either the three-year or the four-year study plan can obtain a statement from the department Chair attesting to that fact.

Minimum GPA required: 90-credit (three-year) program: 4.0

Courses Required