Advice Tools

There are many free tools and facilities that you can use to get advice of all kinds:

  • Progress Monitor to monitor your degree progress, project into the future and try out various scenarios. Good for making sure that you are on track or nearing graduation, or for seeing what certain grades will do to your gpa or seeing what you would need in another degree program. Easier than reading through lists of requirements.
  • Personal Advisor for common situations concerning enrollment troubles, academic troubles, change of major, confidential complaints, and so on.
  • Alternatively, there is an extensive set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Contact the Undergraduate Program Director by email to ask a question. Use this link or this form.
  • Book a confidential one-on-one Advising Session.
  • Suggested Study Plans that can help you with planning your courses into the future for any Chemistry or Biochemistry degree, whether at 5 courses per term, 4 per term or 3 per term.
  • Use the Science Academic Services for anything to do with non-science General Education courses or for anything non-academic, like how to change your major online, enroll in courses, file a petition, etc.
  • Free Learning Skills Workshops on how to manage time, deal with stress, take lecture notes, prepare for exams and more – basically all kinds of help with student skills.
  • Spark is an online tool providing a step-by-step method to deal with assignments, from topic to thesis to research to A+, maintaining academic integrity, keeping you on track with time management skills, scheduling your work and dealing with procrastination.
  • Bethune College offers lots of services: student-to-student advice, tutoring, mentoring, study groups, career planning seminars, help with math or with writing.
  • The Career Centre can help with resumés (CVs), cover letters, job interviews, job searches.
  • For more personal issues, Student Counseling and Development will help.
  • Coming soon: Schedule Builder. It will be what the name says.
  • All of these are free of charge.