Accredited Chemistry Degrees

The Specialized Honours degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry are fully accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC).

Accreditation of a Chemistry or Biochemistry program by the CSC implies to other professional chemists that the program meets certain minimum educational criteria and has the potential to prepare graduates to practice their profession in a competent scientific manner. Thus, the CSC requires a minimum number of courses in each sub-discipline, a number of cognate courses and a minimum number of instructional laboratory hours.

In Alberta and Quebec, practicing chemists are licensed by professional bodies under provincial government mandates, and obtaining a license requires an adequate academic preparation, a requirement that a CSC-accredited program satisfies. The Association of Professional Chemists of Ontario is seeking similar licensing for chemists practicing in Ontario.

Accreditations are reviewed every five years by external examiners. Only some of our degree programs are meant to be CSC-accreditable.