Academic Planning

Why develop an academic plan?

Academic planning can be useful for anyone.
It can allow you to foresee what you need to do in order to

  • graduate when you want to
  • recover from an academically disastrous time
    forecast realistic grades when retaking failed or poorly passed courses and plan the taking of new courses, and monitor your projected changes in gpa
  • make yourself eligible to graduate with the degree that you want
    plan how you can raise your gpa to merit an Honours Waiver and be allowed to continue your studies

How you can develop an academic plan

There are several steps:

  1. generate a snapshot of your current situation using the Academic Progress Report utility, and save it
  2. generate projections using the same utility, one for each term coming, with new courses and new projected grades, saving each projected term's situation separately
  3. repeat, until you achieve what you want to achieve
  4. as you progress along your academic plan, update your projections with the actual grades that you achieve, adjusting your plan in future terms as appropriate

Get help

  • Use the suggested Study Plans to give you an idea of course timing. They take prerequisites into account and one the them should meet your personal progress rate, as well as the degree requirements.
  • Use the Prerequisite Structure Chart to make sure that you are well equipped to take on a new CHEM or BCHM course.
  • Some prerequisite courses are more or less crucial. If your prerequisite preparation is in question, contact the Course Director for their advice about your likely success in a new course and if you need special permission to take the course without the stated prerequisite(s).
  • At any time, get advice and suggestions from the UPD by email or in person during an advising appointment.