About CHEM/BCHM 4000

What are these courses?

These are Research Project courses carried out under the supervision of a faculty member, normally involving laboratory research but possibly instead involving computational work or pedagogical research.
Details on the conduct of these courses is provided in the Course Outlines.
These courses provide valuable technical experience, as well as fostering scientific literacy in the field of work, personal organization, group work and communication skills. The supervisor will be in a good position to provide letters of recommendation.
A Research Project is often expected of students applying for graduate studies.
Students can expect to spend about 16 hours a week over eight months or 32 hours a week over 4 months.

Full course information appears on the course Moodle page.

Who are they for?

These courses are mandatory for the Specialized Honours programs and are optional for Honours Major students. As such, enrollment priority is given to Specialized Honours students.

When do these courses run?

The four-credit CHEM 4000 can be undertaken in any term.
The eight-credit CHEM 4000 is available in FW (part-time) and SU terms (full-time).
BCHM 4000 8.0 is available in WS, SF and FW terms, all on a part-time basis, as well as in the SU term (full-time).

Who is the supervisor?

The supervisor is a full-time faculty member of your choice, if they are willing. Even so, they face constraints of funding, space and timing. While they accept that these courses have a strong training component, all supervisors expect a return on their investment of time and resources, and so want their students to work diligently and with care so as to obtain reliable and useful results.
You need to identify the supervisor. The Course Director can assist in this for Specialized Honours students.

How do I find a supervisor?

Advice on finding a supervisor is available here.

Do I have to pick the research topic?

Usually not. Upper-level undergraduate students usually are not experienced enough nor familiar enough with frontier scientific research to conceive of a worthy project topic. As well, supervisors have their priority fields of endeavour and so may propose a few topics from which the student can choose.

Who is eligible?

Honours and Specialized Honours students with at least 84 credits at the start of the course are eligible. If lab work is to be involved, it is always preferable for Chemistry majors to have completed CHEM 3000 and 3001 and for Biochemistry majors to have completed BIOL 2070 and BCHM 3140 before the start of the course, and for all students to have completed WHMIS II training within the prior three years.

How do I enrol?

Enrollment is by permission of the Course Director only. The process of getting permission should be started a few months before the intended enrollment. The first step is to complete the online application form.