3rd Year Laboratories

All third-year laboratory courses except SC/CHEM 3080 4.00 are undergoing changes that will be fully phased in by 2011-12. For students entering our programs in Fall 2009 and thereafter, the degree requirements will call for the 3-credit, lecture-only versions of these courses and, in replacement of the laboratory components, the new laboratory-only courses SC/CHEM 3000 3.00 and SC/CHEM 3001 3.00.

For those students having entered our programs before Fall 2009, the 4-credit versions will still be offered.

For Students Entering Before Fall 2009

So long as you take all of your 3rd-year lab courses (except CHEM 3080 4.0) before 2011-12, you will not notice any changes.

Laboratories associated with third-year physical, organic and inorganic chemistry courses (SC/CHEM 3010 4.00, SC/CHEM 3011 4.00, SC/CHEM 3020 4.00, SC/CHEM 3021 4.00, SC/CHEM 3030 4.00, SC/CHEM 3031 4.00) occupy no more than two three-hour periods per week, with three courses sharing two time-slots in each term, and with no course's lab component running all term. The changes to these courses that are underway are fully explained in the document titled Program Changes and You 2009.

For Students Entering in Fall 2009 and Thereafter

Most students will be entering in first year and will not notice any changes. In 2011-12, they will all take SC/CHEM 3000 3.00 and most will also take SC/CHEM 3001 3.00 and some of the 3-credit versions of CHEM 3010, 3011, 3020, 3021, 3030 and 3031. Students registering in SC/CHEM 3000 3.00 and SC/CHEM 3001 3.00 in 2011-12 will need to schedule two three-hour time-slots per week for each of CHEM 3000 (Fall) and CHEM 3001 (Winter). There will be an additional one-hour period of class time per week, although this may not be fully utilized until 2012-13.