Recent Books from A. B. P. Lever

Some early books: IUPAC/NRC Plenary Lectures of the XIV ICCC, Toronto, 1972 A. B. P. Lever, Symposium Editor "Excited States and Reactive Intermediates" ACS Symposium Series 307 (1986) Edited by A. B. P. Lever

Recent Books (In Print)  Inorganic Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy, vol.1  Inorganic Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy, vol.2 Edited by E. I. Solomon and A. B. P. Lever, John Wiley,  2 Volumes. (1999)

I regret that  reprints for the two chapters written by ABPL in the IESS series, are NOT available.

The Phthalocyanines; Properties and Applications Edited by C. C. Leznoff and A. B. P. Lever VCH/Wiley, 3 Volumes. (1989-1993)

I regret that reprints for the electrochemistry  chapter  written by ABPL in the Phthalocyanine series, are NOT available.

The Porphyrins (Various volume titles) (1983-1989) Edited by A. B. P. Lever and H. B. Gray Wiley, 5 Volumes

Inorganic Electronic Spectroscopy A. B. P. Lever Elsevier Science Publishers.  First Edn. 1968 (out of print). Second Edition 1984- is available. A Russian language edition was also published in 1987

Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II (2003) A. B. P. Lever, Editor of Volumes 1, 2 and contributor of two articles therein. Print and On-line Versions