Important News for Fall-Winter 2020-2021
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Changes owing to COVID-19
  • All normally scheduled Fall CHEM courses will be running online. Except for CHEM 2080 and BCHM/CHEM 4000, labs will also be online. Information on the CHEM 2080 labs will be posted as it becomes available.
  • As of now, all Winter-term courses will be running as scheduled. You should assume that they will be on campus and in person.
  • For Biochemistry majors: Consult the Biology department's COVID-19 Update page for changes in Fall-term BIOL courses.
  • The Undergraduate office remains closed for the time being, but office staff remain available using the normal telephone numbers and email addresses.
Advising during the time of COVID-19
  • Please note that all advising sessions are moving online using Zoom until further notice.
  • If you have booked an appointment already, you can meet with the UPD privately at that scheduled time.
  • The appointment booking page should still be used for any future appointments.
  • At your appointed time, attend your appointment by using the link sent to the email address you provided to book the appointment.
  • If you must cancel, use the link provided in your booking confirmation email as soon as possible.

Need help deciding whether to stay or drop? Here are two things that you can do:

→ The wait lists for Winter CHEM 2020 and 2021 have re-opened.
Now available: Schedule for Winter 2020 SENE courses


  • Sep 17, 2019: last day to self-enrol in a Fall course
  • Oct 1, 2019: last day to enrol in a Fall course with permission

Already completed the labs? Request a Lab Exemption now

Coming this Fall: SC/CHEM 4010 3.0 Quantum and Computational Chemistry

Advice on course selection for CHEM and BCHM majors in FW19: get it online or in person

Enrollment troubles? Check the Enrollment FAQ

Enrollment News
  • New: Chemistry and Biochemistry majors now have their own course sections just for them, in
    • CHEM 1000 section D
    • CHEM 1001 section P
    • CHEM 2011 section N
    • CHEM 2020 section A
    • CHEM 2021 section O
  • New Courses:
    • We are excited to introduce SC/CHEM 3061 3.0 Environmental Chemistry (see the poster below).
    • SC/CHEM 4052 3.0 Chemical Biology is offered in place of SC/CHEM 4051. The content is identical but the title and course description reflect the content much better. It will serve the same degree requirement as SC/CHEM 4051.
    • SC/CHEM 3075 3.0 Introduction to Drug Discovery and Development is offered in place of SC/CHEM 3071. The content is identical but the title and course description reflect the content much better. It will serve the same degree requirement as SC/CHEM 3071.

Before you go for the summer...
Consider planning next year's course selections. Book an appointment for help with your planning.

Improve your Job Marketability

Starting in Fall 2019: Open to 90-credit Chemistry majors and Honours Major Biochemistry students!


A Message from the Chair

René Fournier, Chair

A Message from the Undergraduate Program Director

P. G. Potvin, Undergraduate Program Director