Seneca-York Co-registration Option

Why choose this option?
What are the available courses?
How does it work?
How do I participate?

York's Honours Major Chemistry students now have the option of taking 2-5 selected courses at Seneca College (on York's Keele campus) as part of their York Honours Major degree, preferably in the Winter term of their third year. The courses taken will appear on the York transcript and the grades earned in those courses will count in the York gpa.

Participating students will be enrolling at York in the SENE courses listed below.

Students completing at least 2 SENE courses will be exempted from the requirement to take CHEM 3001 at York. Some of the SENE courses are course-credit exclusions with York courses, meaning that students will not be able to take those SENE courses as well as the CHEM equivalents.

For more details, consult the Fact Sheet.

Why would students choose this?

The selected Seneca courses feature extensive hands-on lab experience using industry-standard instruments, protocols and standards. Combined with the strong theoretical and prior laboratory training at York, this enhanced laboratory experience will greatly improve a graduate's immediate employability, especially in analytical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Available Courses

Click on the course titles below for the current course outlines provided by Seneca College.

York course number
Seneca course number
Course Title
SENE 2081 3.0
SENE 2082 3.0
SENE 2083 3.0
SENE 2084 3.0
SENE 3072 3.0
SENE 3073 3.0
SENE 3074 3.0
SENE 3083 3.0
SENE 3084 3.0
SENE 3091 3.0
1 Course credit exclusion: CHEM 3080 4.0; students taking CHEM 3080 after SENE 2081 or 2082 will automatically lose the credit and grade for SENE 2081/2082, which may jeopardize their eligibility for the Coregistration Option; students taking SENE 2081 or 2082 after CHEM 3080 will automatically lose the credit and grade for CHEM 3080 and it will no longer count for upper-year credit.
2 Course credit exclusion: CHEM 2550 3.0
3 Course credit exclusion: CHEM 3090 3.0

Scheduling Information

Outline of how it works

For more details, consult the Fact Sheet.
Students choosing this co-registration option will be simultaneously registered as degree students at York and as non-degree students at Seneca College.

  • Starting in June, students will apply for the co-registration option and select from among the eligible SENE courses.
  • Over the summer, the Chemistry department will approve students and be coordinating with our sister department at Seneca with respect to space availability.
    Start the coordination process
  • In early Fall, enrollments will be by permission through the online enrollment system, and will take place once Seneca's Winter-term schedule is finalized.
  • The SENE courses will be conducted by Seneca instructors in Seneca facilities, and will be subject to Seneca's sessional dates (including withdrawal deadlines), rules and regulations.
  • Withdrawal from the SENE courses will be by permission only.
  • Grades will be the responsibility of Seneca's instructors and according to Seneca's standards. They will then be communicated to York's Registrar's Office, where the standard grade translation will apply, and be included in the student's academic record at York.

How do I choose this option?

  1. Read the contents of this page and the Fact Sheet
  2. Fill in the Registrar's form at to give the university permission to communicate your personal information with Seneca College and to acknowledge that you agree to be subject to some different rules, deadlines and processes
  3. Fill in the Chemistry Department form at to choose your courses, to allow us to verify your eligibility and background, and to coordinate your enrollment with Seneca College
  4. Wait for acknowledgement and enrollment permission from the department, which may take some time given that the Seneca College schedule is set much later than it is at York.