Enrollments, Transfers & Alternatives

Enrolment in the Honours Biochemistry program will be limited, with the result that only high school graduates with "A" level standing will be considered for admission into first year. Program transfers into Biochemistry are also subject to space availability. Students who are not accepted into Biochemistry at first may enroll in another program or as an unspecified major initially, and apply for transfer to the Biochemistry program later, if their academic performance meets the program standards and if the accumulated coursework is consistent with the Biochemistry program and its pre-requirements. The Biochemistry Program Description page and the Biochemistry Handbook discuss several alternative program choices which can be made for this purpose. Assistance with your choice of program is also available through Advising.

The alternative choices are various degree programs in Biology and Chemistry and combinations. The academic standards for these are different, but the admission requirements for them are the same: As well as the General requirements, students must have SCH4U, MHF4U and MCV4U, and SPH4U is strongly recommended. In degrees with a Chemistry major, a 1000-level Physics course (PHYS 1410 6.0, PHYS 1420 6.0 or equivalent) is a degree requirement, and this pre-requires either SPH4U (or equivalent OAC course) or PHYS 1510 4.0. In degrees with a Biology major, the same 1000-level Physics course is optional but will be needed if transfer into Biochemistry is achieved.

Students planning to thus shadow the Biochemistry program for later entry should be aware that, while every effort is made to accommodate all prerequisite-eligible students in courses mandated by the Biochemistry program, some courses may not be accessible from outside the program owing to space restrictions or may not be available until space permits. As well, students who did not initially apply for admission into Biochemistry and who are currently enrolled in a different program at York may also apply to change majors, under the same conditions and restrictions.